Welcome to Hands to Communicate

We deliver accredited British Sign Language courses such as Entry level three, Level one and Level two. We also offer deaf awareness courses.

We set up as a Community Interest Company in 2017 after the local authorities ceased the delivery of British Sign Language in adult education centres.

We have delivered accredited BSL courses with still a 100% pass rate on all our entry level three courses and our level one courses, with a high rate of people continuing their learning and completing their level two BSL course with a 98% pass rate.

We have developed specialist courses taylored to organisation / businesses needs and worked privately with nurseries and school to support the children in the setting and their families

Our aim is to breakdown the communication barriers and make British Sign Language more accessible for adults and children.

​The more people learning BSL to overcome the language barrier between to deaf and hearing communities, the more understanding and connected our communities will become.

​Please look through our courses page, we offer accredited courses, communication classes, training for organisations, community projects, schools, nurseries or businesses.

If you have any questions, please contact us